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What does abundance in Health look like to you? Consider the teachings of Lao Tzu from 3000 years ago by tapping into the breath, the mind, and gentle movement. At Rise Tai Chi Gung, we offer a holistic approach to improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It's time to witness the power within and awaken to robust health.

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Referred to as "Simple Yoga" TCG is a system of health and longevity that combines the Hatha, Pranayama, and Kundalini yoga principles. A select few have had access to this unbroken lineage that had been passed directly from Master to student. The original 12 Lamas were taught to completely regenerate the mind, body, and spirit & live hundreds of years. Boganathar was able to master these disciplines in a way that gave emperor Chen a longer, and better quality of life after a fatal diagnosis. It was the emperor who gave the name Lao Tzu to Boganathar. These Siddhi principles consist of a warm up and four standing exercises that are the core of every Tai Chi Gung Class.

Learn to breathe energy, move with nature, affirm a positive mindset, and think of nutrition in ways you may have never imagined!

What is Tai Chi Gung?

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Unlock a journey to lasting well-being and improve in your self, your relationships, and your finances. I will guide your 45 days to success!

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What Our Students Say

“I feel more relaxed and focused after every class. Thank you, Rise Tai Chi Gung!”

Jenny L.

“The instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. I highly recommend Rise Tai Chi Gung!”

David K.

“I've seen a significant improvement in my balance since starting classes with Rise Tai Chi Gung. Thank you!”

Sarah M.

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